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Grafico Topico's commentary, on current art exhibitions, cultural events, history, books and food, is for the reader with an interest in culture and sophisticated travel. We hope to provide you with a pleasurable read and ravishing photography, whetting your appetite to further explore interesting and sometimes unexpected places around the world.  

Grafico Topico's Sue SmithSue Smith was born in Australia and studied in Australia and England. In the 1970s, she was Foundation Arts Librarian at the Queensland State Library; in the 1980s she worked as Assistant Curator and Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Queensland Art Gallery and was awarded a state scholarship to study at the prestigious Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, where she was awarded a Master of Arts. Moving to the UK in the late 1980s, she was an Arts Consultant for Christie's South Kensington, London. On returning to Australia in 1990, she was Senior Art Critic for The Courier-Mail for 10 years. From 2001 to 2010, she was Manager of Art Services and Director of the Rockhampton Art Gallery.
In addition to other publications, she is the author of North of Capricorn: The Art of Ray Crooke, published in 1997; Other Dimensions: Contemporary Photomedia from Australia, China and Japan, published in 2006; and Along Toonooba: The Aboriginal People of Rockhampton & District, published in 2007. As well as writing on art and history, she curates exhibitions, is active in community groups, and is an artist. She held a successful solo exhibition at the Walter Reid Cultural Centre, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia in 2011. A detail of Sue's painting "Swept Away" is the banner for the Grafico Topico web site and the signature work for her previous exhibition. Sue's major solo exhibition "Thirty Six Views of Castle Hill" was opened by Sydney Morning Herald art critic, John McDonald at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville, on the 19 December 2014. Sue has retired from CQUniversity as their Arts Collection Manager, and is now persuing a full time career as a professional artist. Sue recently won the prestigious $10,000 2023 'John Villiers Outback Art Prize' with her painting "Which way to Pine Gap, Mate?", and has a new web site https://suesmith.art with information about her available work for sale and upcoming exhibitions. Sue is married to Michael Walker and lives in Australia.
Sue was awarded with a 'Medal of the Order of Australia' (OAM) for "Service to the visual arts as an artist and administrator" on Australia Day 26th January 2024

Grafico Topico's Michael WalkerMichael Walker was born in Australia and holds a BA in Environmental Design. Michael has been involved in music for many years as a musician, song writer, recording artist, band manager and indie label owner. Bands he has played in include: Wiley Reed Blues Experience, John Duffy Blues Duo, David Bentley Boogie Band, Red Herring and Solid Citizens. Solid Citizens recorded with renowned producers Mike Shipley and Mark Goldenberg at the famed Manor Studios in the 1980's. Solid Citizens appeared on ABC's TV show "Countdown" (click here to view)  Michael maintained an involvement in music, and initiated, financially backed, and organised the not for profit, music summit "ROCKon" in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia in 2009 - http://www.rockon.org.au
Michael continues to compose and record music and release videos of his music. Michael's recent releases can be seen on his YouTube Channel (Click here to view)

Grafico Topico's Monsieur FlaneurMonsieur Flaneur shudders at the appellation "Grafico Topico's travel writer", which, if we understand this correctly, is not quite right (perhaps even something of an affront to his Gallic soul?) suggesting, he says, a certain "Anglo-Saxon high-mindedness" or "professionalism" not to his liking. He is an "amateur gourmand", he would have us understand, casually strolling the streets of our metropolises like anybody else, not judgmental at all -- a little masterpiece, a soupcon of scandal, a tasty comestible here, a tiny architectural epiphany there -- anything of that nature will do just fine. Hmmm.

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