Aboriginal Rock Art Tours

Grafico Topico's travel writer Monsieur Flaneur dons his akubra hat and explores Australian Aboriginal Rock Art.

Stand up for the Burrup group photo at the LouvreMES AMIS, Flaneur's appetite for Australian Aboriginal art began quite by chance when he stumbled across this curieux group (pictured left) in his very own ville in 2008.

Who were these so intriguingly folkloric-costumed personnes, he wondered, so eagerly ready to man the barricades ... pour qui, one wondered?

After a tentative inquiry, all was revealed: the "Stand up for the Burrup", it appears, is an ongoing campaign of the "Friends of Australian Rock Art" to protect the outstanding 30,000 year old rock art in Western Australia which one is told houses 500,000 individual rock art works and engravings. (Non! Incroyable!)

Flaneur ( whose conception of rock art, he would be the first to confess, sadly, was limited to a dim memory of a faded school text picturing fat dun-coloured equines prancing on the walls of Lascaux ) rushed out immediately to la bibliotheque -- and was enchanted to discover the rich mystic world of  les ancienne Aboriginenes, replete with slender hunters pursuing the most amazing menage of kangaroos and other animals known only to the great southern continent.  

Burrup Peninsula Country

But cher lecteurs, why would one settle back in one's chair for information from tomes when it is entirely possible to travel to the actual sites of these great wonders -- and to experience an expansive world of endless land and sky at the same time.

If you may be tempted to explore the wonders of Aboriginal rock art yourself, from July 23-30, 2011, there is a guided tour from Karratha (1500km north of Perth in Western Australia) to the Burrup Peninsula.  The tour  provides introductions to expert archeologists and Aboriginal custodians for a unique cultural experience.

Included is return travel in an airconditioned omnibus, accommodation, all meals, camping equipment. (Flaneur has no knowledge of the cuisine, mes cheris, but life is an adventure, non?)

There are a few seats left ..... BUT, time is of the essence, so do contact Mademoiselle Judith Hugo (such an esteemed French name, how could one go wrong) at jhugo@iinet.net.au or phone +61 439 090 321

For more information about les amis of Australian Rock Art visit www.rockart.net.au

Another Territory

Injalak Hill rock art galleryThere is a wealth of Aboriginal rock art in the Northern Territory, and there is an eight day tour of ancient art and sacred sites organised through the Northern Territory tourist organisation "Territory Discoveries".

The tour includes the world heritage listed Kakadu National Park, before travelling to Arnhem Land and the extensive rock art galleries at Injalak Hill, the Gunbalanya (Oenpelli) community, and through to the Cobourg Peninsula Peninsula to explore the Garig Ganuk Barlu National Park. More information can be found at the Territory Discoveries web site